The ARC/STSA is proud to announce the recipients of the 2022 scholarship awards. This year, ARC/STSA awarded 10 student scholarships of $500 each and one $1,000 educator scholarship. Join us in celebrating these accomplished recipients, whose quotes are shared below, and be sure to spread the word about our 2023 scholarship applications, now posted on our Scholarship page.

Chris Keegan Memorial Educator Scholarship Recipient

Anna Campbell, MSEd, CSFA, CSPDT, CST
Program Chair of Surgical Technology Program, Operating Room Technician Program, and Central Sterile Processing Distribution Technician Program
College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, Illinois

I am passionate about education and most fascinated with student success in the face of adversity. I am determined to understand better the motivation and resilience necessary for our students to succeed. This scholarship will aid me in conducting research for my Ph.D. in Education — studying the experiences of surgical technology students who were successful in completing their program while experiencing “at-risk” factors known to impede student success.

Student Scholarship Recipients

I look forward to working as a surgical technologist and being part of a team and a patient advocate. As I grow in this profession, I would like to be a preceptor so that I can be a mentor and pass on my wisdom and help the new students to grow and make a difference in their lives. Giving back is a huge goal for me and once I have a few years of experience I would like to perform a medical mission or two so I may help those who are less fortunate..

Donna Carter
Laurel Ridge Community College, Middletown, Virginia

Being the first member of my family to graduate from college has been a huge accomplishment. I believe as a surgical technologist I will get the opportunity to help people every day and that is something that is very important to me. My teacher says that surgical technology is a secret little gem in healthcare that not everyone knows about because we aren’t always talked about. I’m ok with being a “secret” because I am going into this profession to assist my surgical team and provide quality healthcare to the people that need our help..

Bethany Christianson
Chippewa Valley Technical College, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

Surgical technology has truly changed my life and my understanding of the variety of opportunities available. Being a part of a team that must work together to accomplish an important goal is challenging, exciting, and offers a sense of accomplishment that is unique to the OR..


Adrielle Horcher
Parkland College, Champaign, Illinois

I am very grateful for this scholarship which will allow me to focus on my new career and devote more of my time to studying and becoming an excellent surgical technologist. My travels and my family have taught me that it is always a good day to learn. Education is so important, and the world needs health care workers now more than ever. I know that I will not become complacent, because this job and this field demands excellence.

M. Lucy Lansing
Pittsburgh Technical College, Oakdale, Pennsylvania

I chose this career because I wanted to support those who go into surgery and give them a safe and sterile place to receive care. I find comfort in knowing that I will be looking out for myself, my coworkers, and the patient when it comes to sterility and safety in the operating room. It gives me pride in my work, knowing that I can help prevent unnecessary outcomes that could occur..

Keira Lauzze

Monroe Community College, Rochester, New York

I am incredibly grateful and humbled to be awarded the ARC/STSA student scholarship. With this financial assistance, I am one step closer to achieving my goal of becoming a certified surgical technologist. The surgical technology program at Mt. Diablo Adult Education has provided me with an incredible education and foundational skills that have prepared me to enter the OR with confidence.

The field of surgery is ever changing, growing, and evolving, so it is pertinent that as a surgical technologist I stay up to date with the latest methods and research. I look forward to continuing my educational journey as a surgical technologist.

Rhiannon Lutheran
Mt. Diablo Adult Education, Concord, California

I look forward to learning to be the best I can be within my job scope, one surgery at a time. I am most excited to help and be an integral part of a successful surgical outcome. I know the sacrifice will all be worth it, because “nothing worth having comes easy.” I know I’m showing my children that if there is something you want to do in life, nothing should stand in your way. I am showing them that hard work and dedication will carry them through to their end goal. The ultimate reward at the end of this journey will be my certificate showing that I am a Certified Surgical Technologist.

Kristen Rice
Tennessee College of Applied Technology, Jackson, Tennessee

This career choice has always been fascinating to me and I am extremely fortunate to have the chance to be placed into an incredible program.
My goal when I become a Surgical Technologist is to further my education and experience to become a Surgical First Assistant. My top priority is to provide tremendous care to all my patients, and I will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. My children mean the absolute world to me, and I want to express to them the importance of focusing on their motivation to follow the career path they choose.

Alexis Sengvilay
Wichita State University Campus of Applied Sciences and Technology, Wichita, Kansas

This award has helped me reach my goals financially and will aid me in reaching my educational objectives by lowering the financial burden that is tuition, allowing me to focus on my educational path, and boost my confidence throughout my surgical technology journey. Confidence is an important component in my career, because in the operating room, the surgical staff and surgeons look for confidence in students and new grads. This is because confidence in the workplace can help make the environment feel calm and less stressed, contributing to successful surgeries. I have always been passionate of one day working in the operating room and I now am very excited to be providing the best care possible for my future patients.

Marimar Trevino
Midwestern Career College, Chicago, Illinois

This scholarship is helping me zero in on how I want to specialize as a Surgical Technologist.
One aspect of surgical technology that interests me is that when a patient undergoes surgery they are in a vulnerable position; I understand this fact with empathy and am honored to be in the operating room looking after them to make sure they are advocated for. I take the role of Surgical Technologist very seriously as an honorable position in the operating room on behalf of the patient.

Sarah Williams
Eastwick College, Ramsey, New Jersey