The original 2023 Annual Report launch date of March 1 has been postponed.

Maintaining Accreditation

After a program receives CAAHEP accreditation, per Standard IV.B., the ARC/STSA will regularly monitor the program’s compliance with the outcomes assessment thresholds through the Annual Reporting process. The next comprehensive evaluation of the program, including a site review, is scheduled to occur any time within a 10-year time frame. CAAHEP-accredited programs will continue to progress through the accreditation cycle, unless:

  • The ARC/STSA recommends the program Withdrawal of accreditation or
  • The program decides to Voluntarily Withdraw its grant of accreditation

Substantive changes must still be reported to the ARC/STSA within 30 days of the change; documentation supporting non-substantive changes should be maintained on campus.