2020 & 2021 Annual Report Submissions Delayed Until 2022 – Details Below

Continuing Accreditation

CAAHEP’s award of Continuing Accreditation based upon an On-Site Evaluation resets the 10-year accreditation cycle. After a program receives CAAHEP accreditation, per Standard IV.B., the ARC/STSA will regularly monitor the program’s compliance with the outcomes assessment thresholds through the Annual Reporting process. The next comprehensive evaluation of the program, including a site review, is scheduled to occur any time within a 10-year time frame. CAAHEP-accredited programs will continue to progress through the accreditation cycle, unless:

  • The ARC/STSA recommends the program Withdrawal of accreditation or
  • The program decides to Voluntarily Withdraw its grant of accreditation

Annual Reports

Submission of complete 2020 and 2021 Annual Report data has been postponed until the 2022 Annual Report submission due to challenges faced by our programs during the current pandemic. Outcomes data must continue to be maintained on campus and will be required in combination with the 2022 Annual Report. A brief program status report, to confirm program contact information, will be distributed in early spring of 2020.

Substantive changes must still be reported to the ARC/STSA within 30 days of the change; documentation supporting non-substantive changes should be maintained on campus for the 2022 Annual Report. More detail regarding substantive versus non-substantive changes will be added to the Maintaining Accreditation page soon!

Programs must continue to publish their most recent/current Outcome Assessment Examination (OAE) result, even when it has not yet been reported to the ARC/STSA due to the delayed Annual Report submissions. The current outcomes reporting period, typically submitted on the 2021 Annual Report, is August 1, 2019 – July 31, 2020.  Per CAAHEP Standard V.A.4. programs are required to report at least one annual outcome on their websites; the ARC/STSA requires that at a minimum the most current OAE rate is posted.

ARC/STSA Surgical Technology Annual Report Outcomes Reporting Periods

“Obtaining accreditation for our Surgical First Assistant (SFA) program ensures that students and all stakeholders can expect the college and the program to live up to its promises. Accreditation allows students and employers the confidence that the CSFA credential has value.” 

Surgical Assisting Program Director