Ron Kruzel, MA, CAE, CST

From Ron Kruzel, MA, CAE, CST, ARC/STSA Executive Director

 “You say goodbye, and I say hello…”

—Paul McCartney


As 2020 draws to a close, what is there left to say? We have tried to make sense of it all, memes have flowed freely and we are all exhausted. 2020 really was the year that kept giving — even if it seemed like it mostly gave us challenges. Troubles. Problems. Trials. Tribulations. Whatever you want to call them, the list was long, and we were not prepared for most of them. And yet here we are.

As the year ends, there is much good to remember as well. Classes were disrupted, and then resumed. New curriculum delivery methods were introduced, refined and incorporated. An education community solidified, pulled together and rose mightily for the good of the students, to graduate the next generation.  And, in fact, it worked. Graduations have taken place. Graduates have been employed. This was a tremendous effort, by both educators and students, and is quite remarkable, considering the impact of the pandemic. You are all heroes.

HELLO 2021!

Now it’s time to look forward. What will 2021 bring? At the ARC/STSA, we are absolutely thrilled at the prospect of the year to come. Already the seeds of hope are being sown — so much good is happening and so much of it will surely gain momentum as we move into the New Year.

Our educators and students have heart. There are countless examples of sharing and caring, volunteerism, and giving back to the community. In this edition of the eNewsletter, we managed to capture a few: Reading Hospital School of Surgical Technology serving their community over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. The surgical technology program at University of Saint Francis donating to a local food bank. Fayetteville Technical Community College’s surgical technology and surgical assisting programs donating to their community food bank as well. ARC/STSA is doing the same in the greater Denver area. These are just a few examples, but there are scores more. Share your outreach with us. We want to highlight our education community for everyone to see.

In the accreditation world, ARC/STSA continues to work on initiatives to support and strengthen our surgical technology and surgical assisting programs. Standards and core curriculum revisions, new IT services, and education and consulting services via Education and Accreditation Resource, LLC (EdAccred) are queued up for 2021.

On the education front, we’re excited to see what advancements are being made to enhance students’ learning experience. Take time to read how our program directors are incorporating technology into their classroom labs in this issue of the eNewsletter to learn more. These stories show us how we can make the most of the hand we have been dealt in 2020.

From the ARC/STSA team and myself, we wish you all a wonderful holiday season filled with family, friends and joy. Here is to 2021 and the promise it brings!