ARC/STSA would like to congratulate the surgical technology programs that have recently received grants of initial and continuing accreditation.

Please join us in acknowledging the dedication and hard work it took for these programs to reach these critical milestones.

Initial Accreditation:

Concorde Career College, San Bernardino – San Bernardino, CA

Pikes Peak Community College – Colorado Springs, CO

Continuing Accreditation:

McCann Technical School – North Adams, MA

Stacie Chaney, AAS, CST, FAST, program director of surgical technology at Concorde Career College-San Bernardino, shared what accreditation means to their program:

“Accreditation grants the program the community’s recognition and respect and affords our students eligibility to sit for the nationally preferred credential of Certified Surgical Technologist. Our students now qualify to apply for scholarships offered by ARC/STSA and AST that they were not eligible for before accreditation. Now they have complete access to a wealth of resources and a community of surgical technologists just like them. We are very excited here at Concorde Career College-San Bernardino.”

David Provost, MA, CST, program director at Pikes Peak Community College, had this to say:

“We believe that accreditation brings with it the security of knowing that we have provided students with a level of hands-on and cognitive learning that is in line with the best institutional guidance. Accreditation provides a framework of learning that instills confidence in students and an assurance of meeting and exceeding a bar of knowledge that is in line with what our patients, patients’ families and staff/colleagues deserve in a recent surgical technology graduate.”