By Rebecca Hall, MS, CRCST, CSA, CST, FAST

Recognized for the sixth consecutive year as a tech-savvy college by the Center for Digital Education, Delta College incorporates technology to improve curriculum delivery and service across its programs.  Following this tradition, our surgical first assistant and surgical technology programs were the first in the state of Michigan to use the Anatomage Table to supplement and support our advanced anatomy courses in a highly interactive and engaging manner.

The Anatomage Table is an operatory bed-sized interactive touch screen table in which real human cadavers and their individual systems and structures are reconstructed into accurate three-dimensional (3D) images.  We can then cut and view these images on any plane, and rotate, flip and enlarge them on any axis to show detail. The Anatomage Table comes with a male and a female cadaver as well as hundreds of pathology cases showing both normal anatomy and abnormal pathologies.