Have you taken advantage of the ARC/STSA scholarship program? It’s not too late apply. Applications are due Friday, February 23. Scholarships worth up to $1,000 are available to students and educators. Apply today.

The ARC/STSA Board of Directors has awarded scholarships to students and educators each year, since 2005. This year, recipients will be awarded a total of up to $6,000 in combined scholarships. We asked a few 2017 recipients what the scholarship meant to them. Their testimonies, shared below, affirm the impact that the ARC/STSA scholarships have had and the importance of taking action to further your professional development.

Reflections from 2017 ARC/STSA Scholarship Recipients 

“The scholarship allowed me to put money towards my tuition, as well as purchase textbooks and study aids. Winning the scholarship gave me validation that my efforts were recognized and encouraged by an important organization representing my profession. It helped give me the confidence I needed to succeed.” – Breanne Murchie, CST, Robert Morris University-Illinois

“Have you ever been in line at a drive-through window for coffee, only to [find that] your coffee has been paid for by the car in front of you? This does not happen a lot to me, but when it does, it really makes me smile. I love handing the cashier the money that I was going to use to pay for my own coffee and use it to pay for the person behind me. Similarly, this award will assist me in reaching my surgical technologist objectives by opening doors of continued confidence, leadership, and assistance, that one day will help me share and return the same to others within the field of surgical technology and beyond.” – Valentina Lopez-Crevillen, Oakland Community College

“The scholarship helped me get prep books for the certification exam. With those books, I felt more comfortable going into taking the exam. Having that extra confidence really helps.” – Jessica Leach, Chattahoochee Technical College

“The scholarship allowed me to continue my master’s studies in global health while maintaining my teaching responsibilities. This financial benefit made it possible to finish sooner and debt free. It has made a substantial impact on my timeline to complete my degree.” – Suzi Shippen-Wagner, CST, BS, Program Chair, Edgecombe Community College

“The scholarship helped me by making the month before my certification exam less stressful. I was able to focus more on the last few things I needed [to study] and pass the exam with a very high score.” – John Rivera, CST, Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences

“My advice to future applicants is to apply! You cannot be awarded a scholarship that you don’t put an effort in to get. Be truthful in answering the scholarship questions. Everyone has a different situation and you never know if yours is the one that will earn the scholarship.” – Brandy Matlock, Southeast Missouri Hospital College of Nursing & Health Sciences