Nearly 90 Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting Educators Gather to Collaborate and Learn

Board members and staff presented the Accreditation Fundamentals for Educators (AFE) Workshop to an enthusiastic group of nearly 90 surgical technology and surgical assisting educators on February 8, in Charleston, South Carolina.

This year’s AFE was redesigned to incorporate digital polling activities and breakout sessions focused on proactively addressing downward trends leading to noncompliance in the “Big Five” outcomes areas: Retention, Outcomes Assessment Examination (OAE), Graduate Placement, Graduate Satisfaction and Employer Satisfaction. Participants worked together to analyze downward trends in one or more outcome areas, discuss relevant contributing factors and create a Plan of Action (POA) based upon this thorough analysis.

At lunchtime, AFE attendees had the opportunity to network with board members, staff and site visitors at the Networking Appreciation Luncheon, which recognized site visitors for their service to the ARC/STSA.  Following the AFE, many attendees participated in Beginner Site Visitor Training (SVT-B) and Advanced Site Visitor Training (SVT-A).

Many thanks to Board Members Kathy Snyder, Robin Keith, Dorothy Rothgery, and Scott Geist, who led the AFE workshop and discussions in conjunction with Executive Director Ron Kruzel.

Board Member Kathy Snyder leads the lively discussion on Standard IV

AFE participants discuss Retention solutions with Board Member Dorothy Rothgery.

Board President Cynthia Casparis facilitates a breakout session on Employer Satisfaction outcomes.

Board Member Scott Geist wraps up the review of the Standards with Standard V.

















Get a breakdown of the “who’s who” at this year’s AFE Workshop

Just more than half of attendees were first-time participants, with 49 percent returning for a refresher. New program directors made up 43 percent of
participants – congrats on the new role, and remember the ARC/STSA is here to support you!