What is AccredX and what makes it different from other conferences?

  • AccredX is the first annual conference designed to support our 400+ surgical technology and surgical assisting programs with accreditation-focused continuing education.

AccredX offers hands-on workshops, proven program management strategies, and best practices in surgical technology and surgical assisting education, to provide educators with the necessary tools to achieve and maintain compliance with accreditation standards.

  • AccredX serves to support institutions around the country working to address a critical community need for certified surgical technologists and surgical assistants with accredited educational programs.

Representatives from emerging and applicant programs will have the opportunity to draw on the expertise of our program directors, clinical coordinators, faculty, deans, and ARC/STSA Board members and staff as they create  new programs.

  • AccredX Sponsors are invested in the success of our community.

Our sponsors are known and trusted names in surgical technology, surgical assisting, and allied health Our partners are included in the entire conference, joining together for educational sessions on topics of importance to our community,  serving as resources for our educators,  creating meaningful connections, and sharing information in a more collaborative environment.

Accreditation can be stressful! But the ARC/STSA and EdAccred are here to demystify the process and support new and seasoned educators.