CheckListWe understand that sending in the annual report isn’t exactly the most fun task on your to-do list. And we can’t really make it more exciting, but we can help make it more comprehensive. Director of Education and Professional Affairs at ARC/STSA, Arthur A. Makin, BS, CST, FAST, put together a list of answers to often-heard questions related to the annual report.

  1. Check the reporting date range.
  1. When discussing program enrollment, the “anticipated completion date” refers to the date in the future when your current students would be graduating.
  1. Remember to use the directions as a reference tool as you work in the report online. Print them out while you are working and glance over whenever you need them.
  1. Use the quick start document, which contains multiple reference tools to help you complete your report.
  1. Remember to review the report before sending it, as it cannot be edited after you press submit.