Standard III.B.—NCCA-approved credential in Surgical Technology – Grace Period Procedure Change

At the March 2012 ARC/STSA Board of Directors meeting, the Grace Period Procedure for demonstration of compliance with Standard III.B. – proof of a NCCA-approved credential in surgical technology was reviewed and revised.

Effective August 1, 2014, programs must demonstrate that all newly appointed core surgical technology faculty (program director, clinical coordinator, core instructors) hold a NCCA-approved credential in surgical technology (CST, CSFA, or CST/CSFA) at the time of appointment, as required by the Standards. Programs will not be granted a grace period to demonstrate compliance for non-CST eligible appointments. New appointments to core faculty positions on or after August 1, 2014 should meet all of the standards qualifications at the time of their appointment.

Programs that do not demonstrate compliance with Standard III.B.1.b – Program Director Qualifications, Standard III.B.2.b – Clinical Coordinator Qualifications, or Standard III.B.3.b. – Core Faculty Qualifications will be determined to be in non-compliance with CAAHEP Standards, which can result in Administrative Probation, Accreditation Probation, or Withdrawal/Withholding of accreditation.

Please note that any individual with an approved action plan for obtaining proof of a NCCA-approved credential in Surgical Technology