Oftentimes, program instructors will invite guest lecturers into the classroom to provide students with an outside perspective. These guests can range from operating room managers to human resources experts, and their visits serve as an opportunity for students to get face time with potential employers.

We spoke with three individuals who have given such presentations, particularly on the topic of preparing to transition into full-time work. Contributors included: Kristina Wehrle, OR educator at The Orthopedic Hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana; Donna Biddle, HR representative at Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana; and, Heather Garman, OR manager at Parkview Regional Medical Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

What follows are a few key pieces of advice we gleaned from our conversations with them.

Employers are looking for team players. The OR is not a place for solo missions; it takes a team to ensure the safety of the patient. When sharing success stories with a potential employer, Donna Biddle suggests to use words like “we” instead of “I.” This shows the employer your sense of humility and genuine investment in the team as a whole.

Soft skills are key.