It was as though the moment had been ordained. It felt as though the spirits of thousands of women who had suffered and continue to suffer degradation and torment, the spirits of those who had fought for equality, who had railed against a system stacked against women and triumphed, washed over us. It was deeply profound..

Education is also a sharp divider. Support for banning assault weapons rises with more education, ranging from 72 percent of those with postgraduate degrees to 46 percent of those with no more than a high school diploma. But here, too, gender influences attitudes.

Hear Latino voices saying. Has not delivered, says David Damore, a University of Las Vegas political scientist. But that disappointment is more likely to translate into a attitude as is the case with Monteolivo instead of voting GOP, even though Romney has tried to hit home with his message in Nevada..

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I am so thankful for his and others efforts to combat bullying. No one should have to suffer national news in what was humiliating enough on the bus. I still believe in the human spirit of America to rise above social norms and reach into the hands of tomorrow as a role model for peace.

Over the next nine months we need to have spending increase to stimulate the economy but that is only a short term fix. Those with the least amount of money will spend the largest portion of their rebate. Over the longer term he will have to keep tax policy at one which leads to a stable middle class.

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Shirin uses a piggy bank to save all her silver coins. This is one of those really simple but effective savings strategies. Did you know that if you fill a 2l coke bottle with R2 coins it adds up to R3 000? If you stick to R5 coins you could have R5 000 saved!.

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The LAPD is one of some 3,984 federal, state and local agencies now collecting information about activity that could be related to terrorism. The Washington Post Secret America series states that 854,000 people now hold security clearance. We estimate that about one for every 215 working age Americans.