A Q&A with Lucinda Letts, Operations Coordinator

How long have you been with the ARC/STSA?

Lucinda Letts, ARC/STSA operations coordinator

My first day on the job at the ARC/STSA was on April 15, 2013.

Tell us about your role with the ARC/STSA. What can you usually be found doing?

My current role is operations coordinator. I assist with many operational matters, including staff training and instruction, accounts payable/accounts receiveable, and direct accreditation inquiries from our programs. I also specialize in program changes, Annual Reports, financial inquiries, and the Initial Site Visit process.

What do you enjoy about working with ARC/STSA and its constituents?

I adore the fact that I continue to learn something new about accreditation and/or medical education nearly every day. Constant changes in medicine and technology ensure that there are always additional learning opportunities available. I appreciate learning how various programs are able to meet and exceed the Standards set forth by CAAHEP, even though they may have incredibly different locations, available resources, and variances in eligible student populace. Nothing pleases me more than to deftly and successfully assist program faculty with complex inquiries.

What do you enjoy in your free time?

I am a huge pinball junkie, playing in several local leagues and participating in many tournaments. I’m currently ranked #346 in the state of Colorado. I’m also big on personal fitness, working out four to five days a week. Play the best friv games web-site online. The most popular collection of friv games are presented on this mega portal. I frequently travel and attend concerts of many types, and am known as a very adventurous spirit. I volunteer regularly with several organizations, favoring work with the homeless, food banks, and animal shelters.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about yourself?

Lucinda and Army veteran Joe

I have worked in healthcare in one capacity or another since age 16, both with direct patient care and in administrative positions. I have four adult children and three grandchildren, all of whom I love dearly. One of my favorite activities is my standing Sunday “date” with a paraplegic Army veteran, running errands, cleaning, and making a hot, nutritious meal for him weekly. His continued positive outlook and attitude in light of his physical circumstances never fails to motivate and encourage me.