The ARC/STSA commends administrators, program directors, and faculty for their commitment to the education and preparation of competent entry‐level surgical technologists and surgical assistants, especially during these challenging times. We recognize that during the pandemic, programs have had to make difficult decisions to delay or interrupt studies, offer limited or redesigned coursework, and/or initiate different approaches and strategies influenced by individual institutional policies/procedures, and local, state and federal regulations.

The ARC/STSA is committed to supporting each of our programs as they work through these challenges to ensure that students receive the required education per the surgical technology and surgical assisting core curricula and CAAHEP Standards.

We have compiled a list of responses to frequently asked questions as guidance for programs working to address the specific needs of their students, graduates, and communities of interest. (Click FAQ box below to read or download.)

Please note that the guidance and allowances provided are effective during the public health crisis and will conclude on December 31, 2020, unless otherwise specified by the ARC/STSA. A COVID‐19 Plan of Action form has been developed to track a program’s temporary changes throughout the pandemic. This information and supporting documentation should be maintained by the program and will be submitted with its Annual Report in early 2021.