ARC/STSA would like to congratulate the following surgical technology programs for receiving initial accreditation. Please join us in acknowledging the dedication and hard work it took for these programs to reach an important milestone.

Surgical Technology Programs

  • University of Alaska Anchorage (Anchorage, Alaska)
  • Community College of Denver (Denver, Colorado)
  • Eastern Florida State College (Brevard County, Florida)
  • Galveston College (Galveston, Texas)

“The accreditation process was beneficial for our students because it enforced the lesson that we should have pride in our program and field of study. Surgical technologists are an important part of a surgical team, and the accreditation process showed the students that everyone takes this seriously, that we have a national group of support, and what we do matters. We help to make a difference!”
– Terrina Woods McKinnon, CST, program director of surgical technology, University of Alaska – Anchorage

“Going through the initial accreditation process assisted me in building a strong program that is relevant and student-focused. The ARC/STSA was helpful, answered my questions, and assisted me through the process.” 
– Karey Covington, CST, BA, program chair and assistant professor, surgical technologies, Community College of Denver

“Prior to being a program manager, I was an adjunct for the program. I had no idea what I was getting into with the accreditation process. ARC/STSA’s accreditation process gave me a new perspective on accreditation. Going through the process allowed me to learn things about my program that I did not know as an adjunct. The accreditation process allowed me to understand my program from front to back. Also being accredited lets my community, college, and future students know that we comply with the standards and guidelines set forth by ARC/STSA. I am truly thankful for the accreditation process.” 
– Constance Sanchez AS, CST, program manager of surgical technology, Eastern Florida State College