By Jeffrey Lee Bidwell, CST, CSFA, CSA, KCSA, MA, FAST

After reading a site visitor’s perspective in the ARC/STSA newsletter, I thought it would be a good idea to write a short article from the perspective of the program. As a former ARC/STSA board member and current site visitor, I have spoken to many program directors over the years, and everyone has the same fears when they receive the dreaded letter/email stating your program’s visit is due for its on-site evaluation. A few months ago, I received such a letter. It was time for the Madisonville Community College to receive its on-site visit as part of the continuing accreditation process. What made our experience a little different is that we have two programs, surgical technology and surgical first assisting, in the same accreditation cycle. So, what could be worse than having one on-site evaluation? The answer wo